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Novak Ballistic 540 SmCo Tuning Rotor

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In Novak Electronics never-ending search to bring the racers the absolute highest quality components and materials, we have found our newest entry into the racing arena the Samarium Cobalt (SmCo) Tuning Rotor (#5954).

Developed to withstand extremely high temperatures, Novak developed this rotor to retain its core magnet strength over the course of the run so that your motor runs consistently and will not suffer from fade.

Braking and throttle response is also more consistent.

Using SmCo rare-earth materials, this rotor has higher demagnetising ability than Neodymium, and will increase, and better sustain, RPM under load. This all translates to improved efficiency and added temperature tolerance─all crucial characteristics when you find yourself pushing the limits of racing. Recommended for all applications.


High-strength Samarium Cobalt magnetic material for higher demagnetizing ability than Neodymium material
Withstands higher temperature tolerance than Neodymium rotors
Allows motor to run consistently under load over full RPM range with no fading
Recommended for all applications
Compatible with all Novak 540-size brushless motors: Ballistic Racing, Ballistic Spec, Velocity Racing, and SS Pro series
Easily distinguished by their matte finish
Developed and manufactured to Novak Electronics strict standards

  • Model: NE5954
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  • Manufactured by: Novak

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